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consultancysolutions.org is a not lucrative website designed to help you in creating, managing and evaluating your company or other ones.

Creation of Companies

To create a company; it's more than useful to make a Business Plan; It'll help you to know where you come from and you go; furthermore, it will help for fund raisings.

Management of Companies

Once created, a good management is necessary to reach goals and Objectives.

Evaluation of companies

The evaluation of companies is a complicated matter; there exists many approaches to this. Consultancy Solutions helps you to find a good understanding of the value of your company and the processes underlying to that evaluation... We'll then present to the public a synthetic view of our approaches and our processes, products and services.

Let's put the stress now on the difference between Value and Price of a company. Evaluate a company is to offer a range of value and no way to propose a price. The price of a business transaction implies a concept and a confrontation of offer and demand. Therefore, we'll focus mainly on the value.

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 SWOT, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, is an analytical framework that can help your company face its greatest challenges and find its most promising new markets. It's necessary from the beginning to establish a first synthesis report on the situation of the company prior to study and write an adaptation plan. The implementation will follow as a guideline essentially entrepreneurial. It is noted that there is some sense of convergence around the notion of vision. The latter refers to a projection into the future . This timing allowed some authors to differentiate the concepts of vision and representation. The latter concept refers rather to a current situation. Clearly , in the literature centered on the idea of ​​vision, appears a dichotomy between future and present. We are in the presence of an implicit assumption of temporal separation between future and present. The vision , as positioning in the future , is often presented in absolute terms , not relative , that is to say without taking into account the context in which it is built. Before, we insisted particularly on the limits of the concept of vision. The objective in the remainder of the game, is to present the mechanisms that make up the idea of ​​"entrepreneurial situation"; mechanisms in which the notion of vision finds its place. So around these mechanisms related to the notion of "entrepreneurial situation" a set of concepts emerges on which we have focused our thinking: space problematization, plausible assumptions, robustness, consistency.
Then, we proposes to make actionable, through the development of a method of intervention around the "entrepreneurial situation". These pave the way for a method to help the entrepreneur develop a vision taking into account the context in which it is located.
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Company Processes Analysis

Every Company is different and needs a specific approach even if Framework canvas exist according to categories of companies.

Company Processes Adaptations

Change the way things are going wrong, extract the good part, adapt the wrong part...

Company Implementation

Concrete and Pragmatic Implementation of changes in the company.

Free Management Help

Take a breath of fresh air after our Free Management Help ! It'll keep you relax !

Free Individual Support for Team Leaders and Top Managers

Help to Top Leaders in their Mission Framework

Free Company Value Evaluation

Specific financial Methods coupled with Integrated Immaterial ones.


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