Firm Creation, choose the best form of company

Pascal Plumier

Firm Creation has to be the reflection of your aspirations or yearnings. If you don't like a professionnal field, don't try the adventure ! It has to be exiting as well !

Presentation of Facebook

Pascal Plumier

Facebook  is an online Social Network designed to publish and exchange a lot of informations in different forms : texts, pictures, videos, Messages... More, it's possible to use a wide range of applications. There are currently more than 1,5 billions Users of facebook worldwide. It has been launched in February 2004. His creator is Mark Zuckerberg. The platform is multilingual and use 96 different languages...

Business Plan through a SWOT methodology among others

Pascal Plumier

Write a good and serious Business Plan; it'll be a key to success : not only to raise funds but for a future path to follow. SWOT means Strenghts - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats.

Firm Management : there are many managements

Pascal Plumier

Divide your company in efficient departments. Don't hesitate to be guided by specialists in Management. Management is not an easy matter !

What's BI or Business Intelligence

Pascal Plumier

Business Intelligence or BI is the Information Technology Tool Sets intended for decidors and Company Top Managers. It's mainly a help to strategic decisions.

Selling or Buying a company, value and price

Pascal Plumier

Negociated price of company differs from Value of company, don't forget it ! You assess a company and fix a value but a price is decided through a negociation ! Laws of Demand and Offer in Markets...

Use of Facebook in a Company Context

Pascal Plumier

Use of Facebook is different if you are a person or a company. As a company, you can create a page to attract followers and to promote your products. It's possible to parametrize your page with some Code Elements as well to be distinguished from competitors. It's possible as well to pay for ads in Facebook.

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